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Internet Addiction and the Christian Life

Date July 31, 2008

How much of a ‘good’ thing is too much?
Manuel Baigorri
of Northwestern University / Medill School reports on how “Internet addiction may be one click away.”
It is so easy to fall into the temptation of what the internet can ‘give.’
Kimberly Young, clinical director of the Center for Internet Addiction
Recovery and author of the book “Caught in […]

Sing Thy Redeeming Grace

Date July 23, 2008

I was just sifting through some blog posts in Reader while setting up my links. I came across an awesome song that is rarely sung. My mind instantly went back to T4G and how incredible it was to sing with 5,000 plus. When we sang the last verse A cappella, the words became so alive.
How […]

iPhone adds Google Reader

Date July 11, 2008

From the Google Reader blog
Google Reader for iPhone
Google has released a Beta version of Reader for Safari.
You can use it by visiting http://www.google.com/reader/i/ on your phone.
If you haven’t discovered Google reader yet, check out Abraham (and Molly) Piper’s Step-by-Step Guide to Google Reader
On another beautiful day from Chetek, WIJust finished with TEAM (Teens Entering […]


Date July 2, 2008

Now posting using ScribeFire add-on in Mozilla 3.

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