Internet Addiction and the Christian Life

Date July 31, 2008

How much of a ‘good’ thing is too much?

Manuel Baigorri

of Northwestern University / Medill School reports on how “Internet addiction may be one click away.”

It is so easy to fall into the temptation of what the internet can ‘give.’

Kimberly Young, clinical director of the Center for Internet Addiction
Recovery and author of the book “Caught in the Net,” said that about 5
percent to 10 percent of Americans –15 to 30 million people — may
suffer from Internet addiction. And the problem may be even greater
elsewhere. Young said 18 to 30 percent of the populations of China,
Korea and Taiwan, where the Internet is even more popular than in the
U.S., may be addicted.

This article also reminded me of one from Ryan Martin @Immoderate. In the post,Albert N. Martin (A Fresh Look at Christian Liberty #21) states…

You may have full liberty in Christ. I think of some of you young
people, you are absolute fools. You sit down with unstructured time,
unmonitored access to the internet. You’re fools! “But I’m free to do
it.” Yeah, you’re free to destroy yourself, bloody your conscience,
ensnare yourself in some of the most vicious, crippling bondage known
to man!

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